what is Certified Pre-owned?


Before a vehicle can become ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ and displayed for sale it must undergo a thorough certification process. First the vehicle's history is checked, including an odometer check and the completion of any outstanding recall work.


Next, it goes through a thorough 325+ point mechanical inspection, ensuring that the vehicles is in full working order. A certificate confirming the inspection is then inserted in the Handbook, providing valuable vehicle history for the future. Finally, a full valet and complete detailing ensures that you receive your 'Certified Pre-Owned' car as good as new.

'Certified Pre-Owned' - Value Added Services

In addition to a high quality product, you will also receive a full range of value added services that give peace of mind to any purchase of our ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ cars.


  • Vehicle Certification*
  • Up to 24 Months Warranty*
  • Up to 24 Months Roadside Assistance*
  • Free Inspection After 1,500km*

benefits of cpo

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

This specialized service includes services comparable
with new vehicles. 'Certified Pre-Owned' customers
can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have the professional help they need for virtually any motoring problem.

  •    24 hr / 365 day toll free call centre.
  •    Basic over the phone technical advice
  •    Free Towing
  •    Free locksmith / Key service
  •    Flat Tire service
  •    Free fuel delivery service

24 Months Warranty

This includes practically all major mechanical and electrical components providing ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ customers with a comprehensive cover and the peace
of mind that you expect with a new car purchase.

Seven Day Exchange Option

This ensures our customers are completely satisfied
with their 'Certified Pre-Owned' purchase. While every effort is made during the 325+ point inspection and reconditioning to ensure we consistently deliver the highest standards, should you not be satisfied within 7days/1,000km of delivery, because of a technical or mechanical issue, you can exchange your vehicle for
one of the same value or higher.

1,500 km Free Inspection

This is our further commitment to quality and our customers' peace of mind. All ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ vehicles will receive one further inspection after
1,500km, at no additional cost.

Certification Standards

To be ‘Certified Pre-Owned’, a vehicle must be:


  •    under 5 model years old
  •    have less than 100,000km
  •    complete a vehicle history check
  •    undergo a full 325+ point inspection
  •    be reconditioned to the highest standards

It must include a comprehensive Customer Care package of:


  •    24 Months Warranty (depending on brand)
  •    12/24 Month Roadside Assistance (depending on brand)
  •    7 Day Exchange Policy
  •    Free 1,500km vehicle inspection*

Then, and only then, can it be displayed as ‘Certified Pre-Owned’